Contemporary Custom Homes: What Is the Process?

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Your contemporary custom home is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Choosing the right design-build firm can ensure that the process of building your dream home won’t be a nightmare!

A good place to start is by visiting the Tarion website. Tarion is the provincial organization that registers builders. Believe it or not, most Ontario contractors are completely unregulated. By choosing a Tarion-registered firm, you can be sure that the builder has passed a series of rigorous tests. Tarion-registered builders are monitored by the organization; for example, an annual check makes sure that registered companies have solid financials.

Tarion builders provide good warranties on their work, and the organization makes sure that if there are any issues, the homeowner is protected. The Tarion website provides a lot of information about member companies that can help you narrow your search.

Hire a Tarion builder and be assured that your dream home will be in good hands!
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Building Your Dream Home: How it Begins

First, be sure to choose a company that’s registered with Tarion, the provincial organization that regulates new home builders. A licensed firm has to pass rigorous tests and must deliver high quality work that is in accordance with safety codes and current building standards. Working with a registered company takes much of the risk out of building a new home. Unfortunately, many GTA builders are uncertified ­– in 2013, 227 charges were laid against unregistered contractors.
The process involved in building your dream home will be very familiar ground to a good design-build company. Better companies begin by learning as much about your goals, requirements and lifestyle as they can; this enables their designers to imagine a space that will suit your needs perfectly. Does your sporty family need multiple places for storage of tennis rackets and hockey skates near the front door? Do you need a large dining room for entertaining dinner guests? Would you enjoy cooking in a traditional country kitchen, or is sleek modern with polished chrome more suited to your lifestyle?


Better designer-build companies will begin by assessing the features of your lot and by helping you to optimize your home’s location. You may plan to cultivate a lush garden that includes a hammock for reading on perfect summer afternoons, or you may need a large space where children can play. Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of drinking your morning coffee from a third-storey deck overlooking the water. Design-build companies can help you create exactly the right environment for your home.

Dream Plans

After consultation, designers will present you with sketches for you to consider. You can offer feedback and work with the design team to ensure that your luxury home blueprint reflects your needs and taste, down to the last detail. Once a design has been finalized, luxury custom home builders may even present you with a 3D model of your home before they begin building it!
Why wait? Start planning your contemporary custom dream home today. Partnering with a great design-build company is the first step on the road to making your dream come true.

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